Secure Messages

Secure SMS powers our messaging application called Secure Messages. It works together with the native messaging application of your smartphone, sending and receiving encrypted messages that cannot be read if intercepted. Secure Messages manages your conversations with an intuitive interface.

Messages are encrypted with the highest of security standards that only the recipient app can decrypt. No one else can read your messages because encryption keys are unique and dynamic.

Available for Android and iOS

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Secure SMS Conversation

How it Works?

Secure Messages app showcases the Secure SMS technology. When the app is launched for the first time it verifies the phone number by sending a secure text message, which is followed by an incoming confirmation message.

Conversations get progressively more secure as messages are exchanged between the two parties. This innovative encryption mechanism ensures message security and key distribution without exceeding SMS limitations.

As you can see on the interactive animation above, it is necessary to relay messages to and from the default messaging application on your phone. However, on Android devices this is not necessary, encrypted messages are sent and received directly as long as the app is running, it is not necessary to make those extra interactions.