New Secure SMS Brochure

April 18, 2018

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Available for download.

New Video - Financial Inclusion with Secure SMS

March 20, 2018

New Event - Temenos Innovation Jam Miami 2018

March 15, 2018

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Secure SMS has been selected by Temenos as one of the Startups to present in the Temenos Innovation Jam Miami 2018, where Andres Martinez and Luis Forero will be showcasing the technologies to Banks and other Fintechs in Latam & USA.

The Innovation Jams help Temenos to identify the very best fintech companies, those that add real business value to its customers. Following the success of previous years' events, Temenos is holding a series of regional Innovation Jams to showcase the most impressive demos of financial services software to financial institutions.

Our Sample Mobile Banking app works with Temenos Core T24

Feb 22, 2018

Over 3,000 firms across the globe, including 41 of the top 50 banks, rely on Temenos to process the daily transactions of more than 500 million banking customers.

Secure SMS is a Temenos developer partner with presence in the Temenos Marketplace. Our technology solution has been integrated with T24 as proof of interoperability. Our sample Mobile Banking application performs all transactions against T24 Core Banking System.

New Video - Short Mobile Banking Teaser

Feb 2, 2018

New Functionality - Read Receipt

Jan 25, 2018

Secure Notifications are now implemented with an optional Read Receipt verification. When the mobile application detects this flag in the upcoming notification, it automatically sends back an encrypted SMS with the verification. You can try this option within our Secure Notifications page.