Secure Notifications

Now with Read Receipt

Every time a new SSMS message is received, it is presented as a link on the native messaging application. When selected, the link invokes an app to decrypt and display the message.

Thanks to SSMS, information can be displayed graphically with all the resources of the smartphone available. Notifications become opportunities to open an app and propose meaningful actions.

Sample Mobile Bank App

You can download our sample Mobile Bank application for Android or iOS, and check how SSMS notifications are sent and received.

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Using SSMS

Send a Secure Notification

Outperforms Push Notifications

If you think your app is covered with Push Notifications, think again.

  SMSS messages are notified with the highest priority on all mobile phones.
  SSMS does not require an internet connection. All messages travel over SMS.
  SSMS can be sent to all users, even those who don’t have the app installed.
  SSMS is bidirectional, users can reply using the same secure channel.
  SSMS provides read receipt, so you can know when messages are read.